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Site Moving 11-14-2002
Posted By Chara
As you can see I downgraded the site. I will be moving this site to better hosting and I am getting a domain name so this site will be in limbo for a day or two. I also have a new submission but I will put that up after the site is moved.
New Submission 11-12-2002
Posted By Chara
No new wall from me this weekend but we do have a new submission. Also I am working on a new layout getting my own domain name and better hosting. That should be done in a week or so :)
New Wall 11-02-2002
Posted By Chara
A new wall from Digi-Charat. Ok so I've been busy the past 2 weeks hence the lack of walls. But I will try to get at least a wall out a week if possible. :)
Angel Tail Wall 10-19-2002
Posted By Chara
A new wall this one is from a series called angel tail. Cool art but I've never actually heard of the series.
New Wall And New Submission 10-13-2002
Posted by Chara
Another new CCS wall and a submission. Check both out.
New Wall 10-6-2002
Posted By Chara
Another new wall, this time from Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. Also I reached 5,000 hits Friday :)
New Wall 9-30-2002
Posted By Chara
Another seraphim wall. It seems I can get a wall out a week no more.
Another Submission 9-27-2002
Posted By Chara
Just a quick note I just put up another submission from Anime Domain go. look. now.
All wallpapers are made by me, If you wish to use any of them on your site please contact me first.